What is Socket?

Socket is an interoperability protocol for secure & efficient data and asset transfers across chains. Socket is not a bridge, or a cross chain app - it is an infrastructure that allows developers to build these things easily. Developers can use Socket to build apps with interoperability as a core part of app infrastructure.
Every approach to interoperability optimizes for different objectives & trade offs (trust, latency, generalizability etc.). No one approach is best for every type of use case. Our goal is to empower developers to optimize for their use case & objectives

Socket’s interoperability stack comprises two key components :

Socket Liquidity Layer (SocketLL)
SocketLL enables efficient asset transfer across chains. It unifies liquidity across bridges & DEXs, and routes funds via them based on user preferences like fees, speed or security
Socket Data Layer (SocketDL)
SocketDL enables secure data transfer across chains. It unifies chains by connecting all smart contracts on all chains, allowing them to perform read & write operations on each other. Data transfer via SocketDL will be rolled out soon