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Within first few months of launching our Liquidity Layer, we've processed $500+ million in volume, 450k+ transactions for 120k+ wallets. You can get a glimpse of our growth story here.
Top applications trust Socket to provide a seamless multi-chain experience for their users.


Web3 Exploration


  • ​Synthetix, Premia, Swapr, dHedge, Rubicon Finance & many others use Socket to enable a seamless onboarding experience for users w/o leaving their apps
  • ​Brahma Finance uses Socket for their multi-chain yield strategies, which earn yield across Ethereum & Optimism
  • ​Polynomial uses Socket for chain agnostic deposits, which allow users to deposit directly into their vaults from any chain in one transaction
SoonTM: MANY, MANY more apps Powered by Socket!