Socket PlugIn

Socket's official widget
Socket Plugin enables protocols to bring seamless multichain UX with just 20 minutes of integration & near zero overhead on developer resources
Socket Plugin lets you accelerate on your multichain roadmap & provide users a 10X better onboarding experience:
  • Onboard users from 8+ chains to your app seamlessly
  • Allows users to start from ANY token & land in the token needed for your app in a single txn!
  • Solve gas woes of multichain users & ensure they can immediately interact with your app

Get Started


Socket Plugin lets you build a custom bridge tailored to your needs. Here are few reasons why you will love integrating the Plugin:
✅ Open-source: To collaborate and fixing the multichain together
✅ Quick integration: Add a bridge to your app in 20 minutes with just a few lines of code
✅ Security: Pre-select chains, whitelist bridges, and curate token lists
✅ Themes: Customize colors to match your branding


The leading protocols in the space trust Socket Plugin to simplify multichain onboarding