SocketLL V/S XYZ

Quick Note: Socket is an interoperability protocol enabling both asset & data transfers across chains. We offer much broader & powerful set of possibilities as compared to any bridge aggregators. However, there are more nuanced differences too when comparing with XYZ Aggregators.
  • Security First: Security is the biggest concern when thinking about bridges. We prioritize security over everything else. You can read more about our security here. A few key examples of this:
    • No proxies/non-upgradable contracts: Owners cannot edit any bridge routes from behind making it impossible to rug users, unlike contract architectures of most other players.
    • Bridge Risk Security Framework: We collaborated with L2beats to help the whole community think better about bridge security. Check it out here.
  • Best API Performance: Best quotes (final output on destination, number of routes, number of bridges per routes) & fastest response times (quotes under 1 sec). Try it out in real time on Bungee, or ping us on Discord to check out our competitor analysis.
  • Best Bridging UX with Refuel: We ensure we provide the most holistic experience. A common user problem we noticed was “I have bridged over my USDC to Optimism... but it looks like I don’t have ETH to transact". We solved this with Refuel!
  • Best Support: We provide full support during integration & post integration. We will be there for you & your users for any issue, any time! Hit us up if you need references from our partners.
  • Top Apps Trust Socket: Zapper, Zerion, Synthetix, Polynomial, BrahmaFi, & many more trust us! We are also one of the top contracts on most chains (src: Nansen). More on our adoption here.
  • Best in Class Team: Our team has background from top projects like Polygon, Index Coop, dOrg, Harvest Finance & more. Our co-founder was the first dev at Polygon & worked on rollups at Ethereum Foundation. Our Head of engineering built the Polygon PoS bridge. The credential list is never ending!