Here's our roadmap for building the best multi-chain experience with Socket

What's New on Socket ✨


Swap / Bridge Slippage 🐋

Quote supports specifying a DEX/Bridge slippage

Same chain swaps via SocketLL 🔄

SocketLL supports same chain swaps in addition to cross chain swaps

Override recipient address ⚙ī¸

Overrides recipient for a given tx. Useful for sending funds to an intermediate address before main recipient in Multi Transaction Bridging

Ability for Partners to charge fees

Socket partners can easily charge fees

Support for Stargate ✨🌉

Socket now supports Stargate bridge on supported chains

Product Features


Security Score

Security score for bridges exposed via SocketLL

Robustness score

Robustness score will check variance in actual bridging time V/S quoted time for a given bridge

Gas Optimizations

Optimizing SocketLL smart contracts

On-Chain Analytics for Partners

Updated Socket contracts will emit data rich events for easy on-chain indexing

More security audits and Immunefi bounties

Updated Socket contracts will go through rigorous audits

Failure handling cases

Fallback for bridging failure cases through Socket APIs

Dynamic bridging times

Socket Independently calculates estimated bridging time based on historical times taken

Precise gas estimations on API

Socket APIs will return precise gasLimits pre-bridging

Generalised post bridging actions

Currently SocketLL only supports swaps on the destination chain. Soon, users will be able to perform any actions. For e.g : Bridge + Swap + Deposit xToken + Borrow yToken

Split transactions between bridges

Efficiently routing liquidity between multiple bridges through a single tx

Socket Data Layer (SocketDL)

Supercharging cross-chain apps ⚡ī¸ Learn more here

Chains, DEXes and Bridges

We will keep adding DEXes, bridges and chains to Socket so that you can provide more value to your users without having to do extra work. These are not ordered by priority. We will provide updates once these integrations go into development. If you'd like us to prioritise support for a Chain/DEX/Bridge or any other feature, let us know!

  • Solana

  • Polkadot

  • OKExChain

  • KCC

  • FSN

  • HECO

  • Cardano

  • Celo

  • Harmony

  • Starknet

  • Cosmos

+ many more!

  • Paraswap

  • Uniswap

  • Sushiswap

  • OpenOcean

  • XSwap

  • QuickSwap

  • Pancake Swap

  • AirSwap

  • DODO

+ many more!

  • Connext (Amarok)

  • Solana Wormhole

  • Harmony Bridge

  • Near Rainbow Bridge

  • Thorchain

  • Synapse Bridge

  • DeBridge

+ many more!

Note : We currently support 1inch and 0x, which are DEX aggregators and route liquidity efficiently through a wide variety of DEXes

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