How Refuel works

How does Refuel work?

Refuel is a centralised solution built & maintained by Socket. Refuel has centralised indexers and liquidity pools operated by Socket. When a user deposits native token on the source chain, a deposit event is emitted. This is picked up by our indexers and stored in a DB. Once sufficient block confirmations have passed on the source chain, we send the user the native token (gas paying token) on the destination chain.

The user receives equivalent $ amount of destination native token for the source native token they deposit. For example, if a user deposits $5 of MATIC on Polygon, they'll receive $5 of BNB minus the gas fees on BNB Chain.

Refuel does not charge any protocol fees. It only deducts the gas fees on destination chain from the amount sent to the user.

Integrate Refuel

Refuel can be integrated via the SocketLL v2 APIs. Refer to the integrate guide below

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