Important notes

Bridge Slippage

  • defaultBridgeSlippage for route can be set b/w 0% - 100% & passed in /quote . This slippage value also needs to be passed in /build-tx or /build-next-tx when building the transaction data.
  • If a bridge doesn't support slippage, bridgeSlippage value is returned as 0 in the quote response and users may receive an amount less than expected from slippage.
  • If a bridge supports slippage & the receiving amount is less than expected from slippage, the destination tx doesn't go.
  • In this case, users need to redeem their funds via fallback mechanisms. This varies from bridge to bridge. Find these fallback mechanisms here

Same chain swaps

  • Socket also supports same chain swaps in addition to cross chain swaps
  • The fromChainId & toChainId in the quote needs to set to the same chain
  • The isOnlySwapRoute parameter in a route is set to true for same chain swaps
Last modified 1yr ago