NOTE : If you are integrating with Socket APIs, we highly recommend integrating with the Socket V2 APIs. V1 APIs will be deprecated overtime.

Socket V1 APIs

Socket's liquidity transfer layer aggregates bridges, DEXs and DEX aggregators under one roof to make it easy for users to move funds between chains. The Socket API v1 is the backend that supports the data flow on the frontend and generates the callData needed to execute swaps and bridging in one single transaction. The API also checks for token approvals, balances, prices. In this guide, we'll explore step-by-step how the Socket v1 API can be integrated into a DApp.
To start integration with the API, head over to the Quick Start tab.

Integration Example


The API provides the following functionalities :

  • Supported - Bridges
  • Supported - Chains
  • Supported - Tokens by Bridges
  • Supported - From Token List
  • Supported - To Token List
  • Balances
  • Check Allowance
  • Approval - Build Transaction
  • Quote
  • Send - Build Transaction
  • Health
  • Gas Price
  • Token Price